‘transMusings’ was initiated by Kerry Woodward and Anne Haenen (Woodward). The Foundation seeks to explore and stimulate old and new relationships between philosophy and art, especially music, sculpture and digital art. To this purpose it creates events such as concerts, lectures, exhibitions, books and CD’s with an emphasis on the philosophical aspects of artworks and artists, and also on the artistic qualities of the works of philosophers and their own artistic creations. The foundation thereby aims to reach a wide range of interested people of all ages and, from time to time, particularly a young audience.

transMusings aims to encourage talented contemporary composers, musicians and visual artists, by involving them in its presentations when possible, and to offer a platform to new or lesser-known artists.

Our current projects:

Book with Music Recordings: The Art of Nietzsche, was  launched in March 2014 .

Heaven and Earth in Africa, a new poetry cycle of Theo Monkhorst with music by Kerry Woodward

              Here an impression of ‘The Art of Nietzsche’



Art needs Philosophy

to interpret it

in order to say

what art cannot say,

though it can only

            be said by art,

by not saying it.

Theodor Adorno